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Yohan Triboulat (40) has been riding trials for more than 25 years, and still going strong. The 40 year old street trials rider from France is normally busy doing shows all year, but the pandemic has its advantages too…

– This year I have time to ride like never before. This is the only advantage of the current situation, he says. I have been riding for over 25 years and have never ridden so much. The form is there even at 40 years old.

I really enjoy riding and I still manage to improve, it’s very motivating for me.

With more riding, he has time to do some filming too. His latest video is a raw street trials video, with flowing lines and some bigger moves.

– I just uploaded some video clips shot last week with my friend John Langlois and my brother Thomas. I really enjoy riding and I still manage to improve, it’s very motivating for me.

I train of French street trials elitists. From left: John Langlois, Thomas Triboulat and Yohan Triboulat.

Breaking down the video, he has the following to say:

– In this little video the most engaged line is the very first, when I gap over the roof. The landing was violent. I like this! The most technical line is probably the very last one, a huge 1,50 meters bunny hop with a small “bump”. With a street trial bike it’s a significant height.

– Between these two lines, there are mostly combos and some nice jumps. Above all, I’m looking for flow and variation. I didn’t spend a lot of time on these clips, and I think I will release a better video soon. I want to!

We’re looking forward seeing more videos from Yohan in the future. If you want to add something to this article, you can continue the conversation over at our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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