What’s up Jack Carthy?

Multiple UCI world champion and world cup winner, Jack Carthy (24), is always on the mission to improve. For the rest of us, he seems unstoppable, both with his immense motivation and relentless progression on the bike.

Recently he published a couple of new videos to his YouTube, both from natural riding at Shipley Glen, and some power riding in the barn. With new videos, we grabbed the opportunity, and asked him a couple of questions.

How has the riding been lately? ?‍♂️
Riding has been awesome as always, just really wet here in the UK at the moment

I guess some rain doesn’t stop you! ?️ Tell us about the trial dog we see in the raw video?
Rocky is one cool dog! He comes to every ride with me!

That’s cute! ? What are your plans for the next couple of months?
I wanted to travel around Europe in my new camper, but lockdown stopped it. I will try to travel around some places in the UK.

Sounds like the plan. How is the trials scene in your area at the moment? ??
It’s bigger to be honest, more rides are coming from the streets to Shipley Glen, so there’s always someone to ride with. That’s great!

Yes, we’ve seen there is always someone riding in the background of your videos. By the way, how has your progression been over the winter so far? ?
I think it’s been really good, I was flying this summer. But, with no competitions and the cold weather, it’s a bit harder [to progress] at the moment. But, I’m still improving every day!

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