Tomomi Nishikubo – Street vs. pure trials

Japan’s most famous street trials rider, and worldwide YouTube phenomenon, Tomomi Nishikubo, teamed up with the top Japanese pure trials riders, namely Ryoga Tsuchiya and Tom Shiozaki, in his latest video.

Ryoga is the current national Japanese trials champion, and got an impressive eight place at the UCI trials world championship in Vic 2021, in the 20″ men elite category. Tom has an even more impressive seventh place as his best world championship result, and he has won several national titles, all of them in the 26″ elite category. Together with Tomomi, they cover all three wheel sizes in trials, 20″ for Ryoga, 24″ for Tomomi and 26″ for Tom.

And, not to forget, Hikaru Miyano is also a part of the video. He’s a fresh street trials rider, with previous pure trials experience, and acts as the sidekick in the video. Every video needs a sidekick!

The video is filmed in Kugenuma skatepark in Japan, and it really shows the differences and similarities with street trials and pure trials. And more interestingly, it shows how you perceive the same spot differently when you have a different bike behind your legs.

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