Tomomi Nishikubo – Ride to Survive

Japanese street trials rider, Tomomi Nishikubo (28) has released a new video, filmed at a deserted island somewhere deep in the pacific ocean.

This is the plot: He’s very unfortunate, and ends up stranded on a deserted island. Fortunately and out of pure luck, he finds a bicycle and makes the best out of the situation. With just basic tools, he manages to make an incredible trials park out of wood, pallets and other stuff he picks up along the beach.

World’s first
With a mix of precision moves and difficult tricks, he manages to put himself on the map as one of the most progressive street trials riders on the planet. And, by mixing his pure trials abilities (he is a former national Japanese trials champion), this is great entertainment. Tomomi does some very impressive moves in the video, especially on a slackline, and one of them has never been done before:

“The front flip off the slackline is the most difficult trick of the video. This is a world’s first-trick, so there is no guideline, no example… I had to imagine the body movements on the slackline system. It took all day to build up and test the slackline. And I landed the trick the next day!”

Ride, eat, sleep, repeat
Because filming a video like this takes months, Tomomi was also lucky to use his trials skills to catch some fish, we’re pretty sure he wouldn’t survive without it. He built most of the obstacles himself too, and most of the stuff is filmed in and around the Chiba bike trial club, where Shintaro Ootake films most of his Instaclips.

Source: Rasoulution

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