The Lemon and Flipp academy

The brakeless master, Flipp, and his brakefull (?) friend, Jamie Lemon Wiltshire, have released a new video collaboration as a tool to get their winter motivation up to speed.

Flipp describes the idea behind the video format:

“Jamie and I were talking on New Year’s Eve about motivation for riding. We thought of the video competitions of old, but whenever either of us have tried to do something similar in recent times, people just don’t engage. So we had our own little private one. But, without the competition aspect.”

To keep the filming and riding as intense as possible, Flipp and Jamie decided to have tight deadlines:

“We settled a list of “themes”, and since I’m Covid-induced-redundant and he is on university coursework with no strict timetable, we set extremely tight deadlines to keep us on our toes. Tight meaning two days per theme. We disallowed filming for any one theme until the previous one was done, otherwise the later videos would obviously be better than the early ones.”

With tight deadlines, rules and prescibed topics, this felt like school, according to Flipp:

“These rules and prescribed topics felt like school, so we ran with the analogy and started calling it the curriculum. Filming began the next day. Filming was cut short by weather and real-life getting in the way, so unfortunately the videos we expected to be the bigger and wilder ones never actually came to pass. Anyway – here we go. A collection of mini-videos.”

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