Flipp going crazy? Riding a 26″ with brakes

Flipp is mostly known for his brakeless mod riding. That’s why it’s hard to believe what we’ve been seeing lately. Is Flipp going crazy? He’s riding a 26″ bike with brakes.

We got in touch with Flipp and asked him three questions to determine if this 26″ thing is a permanent illness, or just a temporarily phase. Not sure how to interpret the results…

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Are you switching to 26″ fulltime?

– I’m riding it every time I go riding at the moment, but I doubt it will be permanent. The mod will come back out at some point.

Do you like riding the 26″?

– I like this 26″ a lot. I don’t like the modern ones, but I don’t like the modern 20″ bikes either. This bike isn’t better or worse, it’s just designed to scratch a different kind of itch.

Do you know how to bleed brakes? Isn’t that the reason why you went brakeless in the first place?

– I can bleed brakes, yes, but I don’t like to. I’ll be buying a welder to make a frame with similar geometry and v-brake mounts as soon as possible.

So, after you’ve seen him riding both 20″ brakeless and 26″ with brakes, what do you prefer? Let us know and continue the conversation on our Twitter or Facebook account.

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