Euan Beaden – A Day In Bournemouth

Euan Beaden recently published an impressive street trials edit from Bournemouth. While Euan usually rides around his hometown of Portsmouth, he decided on to go on a spontaneous trip to Bournemouth, where he was supposed to have a day of riding with his mate Ian. Unfortunately Ian injured himself the day before departure, which in the midst of the despair, was a blessing for Euan, as he offered to film when he couldn’t ride himself.

Despite being a spontaneous one day trip, the edit is really solid, and we wanted to know more about the lines and moves in it, as well as getting to know how the riding is in Bournemouth and Euan as a rider. Dig in!

Tell us about the line or move you were struggling the most with?

The line that took me the longest was also the most ‘trials-section’ related. It was when I nosed-over a small rail and landed on a small kerb on the other side, with my rear wheel then on the rail where the front had been. I then had to shimmy onto the kerb, move into a switch position and then hop onto the same rail, to then clear the wall beyond. This was a hard line purely because there was a lot of moves in it, and it was all in a close space. I wanted to get the line as I like the variation it provided, whilst always keeping me on the lookout for similar trialsy moves!

Which line or move are you most happy with?

If I’m being honest, there wasn’t any that ‘trumped’ the rest. I liked all the clips I did and if I wasn’t happy with them, I wouldn’t have included them and I would have done them again anyway. Sometimes I’m over-picky and end up doing the line many times before becoming happy enough with the result. One of my flaws maybe?

I believe that the more you can challenge and scare yourself, the better you’ll be for longer.

What was the scariest line or move in the video?

The scariest line for sure was the bunny hop over a two foot wall, which was about two foot wide; but which was nearly six feet in height on the other side. It doesn’t look impressive (I think) on camera, but I like to scare or challenge myself every once in a while, to make sure my head doesn’t get in the way of moves or commitment. This is important for me, as I think that’s one of the main things that can fade as you get older. I believe that the more you can challenge and scare yourself, the better you’ll be for longer. You’ll probably have fewer injuries too as you don’t tend to hurt yourself if you commit to lines as opposed to bailing out half way.

Bournemouth looks like a fantastic spot for trials, tell us about it?

I’ve visited Bournemouth many times before with my girlfriend and family for day trips, which have always been really nice. I knew my good friend Ian Johnstone lived nearby, but had never actually ridden my bike there. I drove to Ian to ride either Poole or Bournemouth, but he hurt himself the day before and insisted that we could still ride if he stayed off the bike and filmed me. What a gent! The city has many good spots. I remembered being so shocked that I hadn’t seen more videos of people riding there over the years. Ian showed me round the main spots that he knew, and there are plenty more lines to be found, I’m sure! I only scratched the surface in my video. If you can be a creative rider who likes lines instead of singular tricks, then check it out!

I don’t mind what the views are like – I’m just happy to be on my bike.

We love your style and flow. Can we expect to see more videos from you this season?

Thanks, that’s really nice to hear. I enjoy making videos, and this year I’ve released two, which is more than recent years combined! I make them mainly for myself to look back on in the future, but also to push my riding and to inspire others in the process. I don’t mind what the views are like – I’m just happy to be on my bike. Filming with Ian is great, and I’ll always pick him as my camera man if I had a choice. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’s the only guy that can put up with some of the attempts on lines, as I’ve had the numbers up over 100 before! I hope to make a couple more videos this year with him.

It doesn’t matter what bike you’re on.

How do you want street trials to progress going ahead?

The more the merrier. It doesn’t matter what bike you’re on. Seat, no seat, brakeless, etc., it’s just good to see more people coming out to join the sport. If I could hope for anything, it’s that more people try to make street videos, so we all have them to look back on, which in turn inspires a younger generation of rider.

Anything more you’d like to add?

Keep riding, challenging yourself, progressing, and most importantly- having fun!

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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