Eirik Ulltang – Arendal

The seven times Norwegian trials champion, and editor in chief at Bashguardian, Eirik Ulltang (31) did just launch a new video. The video is captured in Arendal, a small town in the southern parts of Norway. Here’s what he had to say about it…

Why did you choose to go to Arendal?

– To be honest, me and Gaute, my brother, were just looking at the weather forecast for the upcoming week, and we needed somewhere it wasn’t raining. I’ve been riding in Arendal before, and I know it got some good street riding. And it’s a beautiful city as well. So we just packed the van, and drove over the mountain.

Did everything go as planned?

– No, definitely not. The entire video is filmed in one day, but the plan was to go to Kristiansand the next day, to stack more clips. But, I got some weird injury in my shoulders at the end of the first day of filming, and I could barely walk the next day, and definitely not ride. So instead of spending a day of filming, we just drove back early to rain and misery on the west coast of Norway again.

Are you happy with the lines you filmed in the video?

– Yes, I am pretty happy with most of my lines. I had one goal before we started to film, and that was to not make one single line on the first try. I kept trying until I made every line as planned, and stopped trying when I was happy with how it looked. Obviously, I never spend enough time on the filming, I would love to do a project where I actually spend hours and hours on every clip. But, I never make it happen. Of course I would like to make a longer edit, the plan was to get at least 15 lines. But, with the weird injury, I wasn’t able to achieve it.

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