Did Charlie Rolls just invent HGS?

Charlie Rolls has been smashing the content creation game lately, and combined with his immense bike handling skills, he’s been hugely popular in the core trials community for quite some time. Though, a barn full of pallets or a backyard trials park can be hard for the general population to relate to. This has now changed…

Charlie absolutely smashes the streets of Portsmouth in his latest street riding video, filmed by fellow rider Adrian Jordan. And, by bringing his crazy creativity and bike control to the streets, he could very much have released one of the best urban trials edits ever. He did probably just invent a whole new genre within the sport of trials: HGS. As an upgraded version of TGS, where he swapped the old school taps with the new school hooks.

TGS was invented and very popular in the UK early 2000, and still is today, but did you just invent HGS, Charlie?
– TGS is not dead! To be honest I just rode what I could, in my style, on the streets of Portsmouth. ? Maybe HGS is a new thing? ?

All I had to do is ride and have fun on my bike!

What’s easiest for you, walking on a sidewalk or riding at 5 mm wide take-offs made out of soap?
– Definitely walking on the sidewalk, but there is no fun in that! We love to challenge ourselves as trials riders ?

A 5 mm wide take-off made out of soap.

How do you come up with all these crazy lines? No one has seen anything like it before…
– Honestly the riders that I was riding with pointed out 80% of the lines, so I can’t take too much credit for it! The credit goes to Shaun Goddard and Adrian Jordan.

When was the last time you saw a hook to drop?

This urban trials edit is probably one of the best to be ever released in the history if the sport, how do you feel about that?
– Whaaat ? You’re crazy! Thank you for that, I think I have to give credit to Adrian for this, because he was there to film and he also edited it in such a great way. All I had to do is ride and have fun on my bike!

I don’t see my riding as being anywhere near perfect.

You could basically quit riding today, and no one would top the riding in that edit in the next millennia, but you obviously won’t stop. Do you have plans for more of these kind of videos?
– No way, this is crazy to me, because I don’t see my riding as being anywhere near perfect. I’ve got a long way to go before I stop! And yes of course I’d like to do a few more ‘edits’ this year for sure!

This was the hardest line in the video, says Charlie.

What was the hardest line or move that got into the edit? Did you actually plan the clips and tried until you made it, or is it all first go?
– The hardest line was the two rails and up to front on the big wall next to the the building. This line took me four or five goes to get, but the rest of the clips were first or second go! Which is helpful, because I can film a whole edit in one day!

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