Charlie Rolls’ September in eight minutes!

The wonderboy, aka Charlie Rolls (18), has put together another compilation video from his recent training. A good mixture of techy lines and big moves, filmed over five different sessions at his backyard setup.

We spoke to Charlie about some random stuff, which you can read before, during or after you’ve watched the video. It’s actually 100% up to you! Lot’s of emojis this time too! So let’s go!

For those that follow you on social media, you’ve posted a lot of tractor pictures lately, so the question is: What’s been the ratio between hay balling and trial biking lately? More time in the tractor than on the mod bike? ?

– Haha! Yeah, so during harvest season the ratio was about 99:1, but now that the season is over I’m back training and working less! I would say the ratio is now a good 60:40 between harvesting and trials riding ??

You’re getting there, at least if you do harvesting 12 hours a day! That’s eight hours on the bike ? Does your girlfriend sometimes film your videos? If so, how does her presence influcence your style on the bike? Does she get pissed off when you do too many correction hops in one line?

– Normally it’s my girlfriend that films me riding! Often I just ride around and she films whatever, no real structure! My style doesn’t really change, I just like to ride for fun, even if I correction hop too many times ?‍♂️

Glad to hear she doesn’t get pissed off! ? Just because probably a lot of us are wondering: Are you just unconsciously flowing around when filming, or do you have some specific lines and moves in mind, which you try until you make them?

– A bit of both actually. Recently I’ve been doing hard single move lines, but often I do them within a couple of tries! I love to just ride about mostly though, always thinking about the next move ?

Thanks for clearing that up! With winter approaching, and potentially another season with travel restrictions and lockdowns, are you prepared physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally??

– Physically I am 100% ready to gain strength, and mentally I’m up for what ever it takes to get me to the top! I have all the tools to achieve my goals over the winter season. I guess emotionally I’m very motivated to train hard, as I feel like after a long, hard harvest season I’ve held myself back from progressing. But, now I have time and this time is where I prove to myself I can do it ?

Thanks for the interview, Charlie! Enjoy the tractoring! ?

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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