Charlie Rolls – December 2020

Every month or so, Charlie Rolls uploads a new riding compilation to his YT. December is no exception, and this time his mate Adrian Jordan has helped him with the filming and editing.

Your indoor looks amazing. How is the riding like in there?
– Yeah, it’s really nice! I like that it’s possible to ride at any time of the day, no matter the weather or light.

Seems like you got a good trials scene around the Biketrial Academy at the moment. Tell us about it.
– 100%! We’ve got a great community at Biketrial Academy UK. Recently we have been getting around 25 riders a week, which is amazing for this time of year in the UK!

Lots of impressive stuff in the video, have you managed to have good progress over the last months?
– Yeah, I’ve had some time to train hard over the last two months, and yes it’s paying off! I’m going much bigger with my moves than before, which is very motivating ? But, work isn’t done just yet.

Indoor riding can sometimes be quite different from the type of riding you do outside. Do you approach riding in a different way inside the barn, and do you create lines and obstacles you normally wouldn’t do or find outside?
– Yeah, exactly! Sometimes you can get a little bored with the layout. But, with my barn, most obstacles are on pallets, and with my pallet pump truck I can move anything! I haven’t actually created certain lines yet, I just like to mess about and enjoy my riding ?.

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