Andrea Maranelli – Always Late

The former Italian trials champion, turned influencer, show rider and content creator, Andrea Maranelli (26), released a new video called “Always Late” last month. And in the spirit of the video title, Bashguardian is a little late to the party too.

Andrea, tell us about the video, and how you came up with the concept?
– The video idea came to my mind because I really wanted to get as close as possible to people. This is why I have decided to use a normal city bike. I bought a second-hand bike and I only changed the brakes on it.

Really cool, but riding a normal city bike must’ve been really scary?
– Using all the original components was damn scary, especially the “one bolt stem”: I was scared that it was going to break on every single jump. In the end the bike held up pretty well, except of the rear wheels: I broke 11 of them.

That’s insane, 11 wheels! With such a well produced video, there must be a huge team behind the lens?
– No, the video was recorded entirely by one single video maker, Enrico Andreis. We definitely struggled a lot because we had to record the lines multiple times, but we are very happy of the final result. The entire project consisted of five days of filming, spread within five months, due to
the corona virus constraints. It was recorded entirely in Rovereto in Italy.

Crazy production by a two man team, props! One last question: Does the video title reflect on your own personality? Are you always late in real life too?
– [Pending answer… Bashguardian will be back with the answer once Andrea has replied.]

Enjoy some photos from the production, shot by Enrico Andreis:

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