Do you want to reach the BASHGUARDIAN editors with a photo, video, press release, news tip or story? We welcome all contributions!

All stories must include at least two attached pictures (minimum one in landscape orientation) or a video link (YouTube or Vimeo). If you want your videos featured, please submit it to us before your official launch, this gives us time to prepare the article (We can keep secrets!). And it also adds news value for us too. If you send us a new video, a separate edit prepared for Instagram (length and size ratio regarded) is highly appreciated.

If you want to send multiple photos and/or videos, please use Dropbox, Drive, WeTransfer or similar, and add the link to the Message field below.

We prefer to receive press releases. Here’s how you write a press release:

  • Keep it short and concise, maximum one A4 page.
  • Do not plug any products or sponsors.
  • Clearly separate your subjective meanings and the objective facts.
  • Add both quotes and paragraphs.
  • For athletes: Always attach a portrait photo and add a short bio at the end.
  • For brands: Always add a short about section at the end.
  • A simple press release formula: Intro/excerpt – quote – paragraph – quote – paragraph – quote – bio/about.
  • All press releases must include at least two photos.
  • Minimum image resolution: Full HD (1920 x 1080).
  • Maximum image size: Please do not send image files larger than 1 mb.

What do we want press releases from:

  • Sport results (both national and international).
  • New sponsorship agreements.
  • Product news.
  • Event news (festivals, shows, comps, gatherings).
  • Injuries (several updates throughout the rehab too).
  • New media content (videos, photos, podcast, etc.).
  • New records.
  • Retirements.
  • Other stuff you believe is suitable for

Who’s eligible to send us press releases:

  • All trials specific brands and shops.
  • All trials event organizers and federations.
  • All trials rider managers and managements.
  • All trials riders with a decent amount of online following.
  • All trials riders with top three national race results.
  • All trials riders with top 15 international race results.
  • All trials riders/brands that have created, achieved or experienced something they want to share with an international audience.
  • If you’re in doubt, send it to us anyways!

BASHGUARDIAN has no responsibility for the submitted material, and has no obligation to feature the submitted material anywhere. We read all tips we receive, but cannot promise an individual response.

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