Spain wins the team event

The UCI trials world championship in Vic, north of Barcelona, got kicked off today with the team’s event. 11 nations participated in the race, and the Spanish team dominated, ahead of the other two big national forces in trials, France and Germany.

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The podium. Photo: Gaute Ulltang/Bashguardian

The strongest Spanish team ever?

The Spanish team consisted of the following five riders: Daniel Cegarra (Men junior 26″); Marti Riera (Men junior 20″); Vera Baron (Women); Borja Conejos (Men elite 20″); and Julen Saenz (Men elite 26″).

Spain has so many riders to choose from at the moment, and since the last world championship in 2019, especially their 26″ riders have improved a lot. Just read the list of riders that they didn’t pick for the team’s event: Sergi Llongueras, Pol Tarres, Martin Vayreda, Eloi Palau, Benito Ros and Alejandro Montalvo!

Sweden almost on the podium

The Spanish team got 770 points, France 680 points, and Germany 580 points. Surprisingly, Sweden got fourth place, just 60 points behind Germany, proving they got a strong team, even in the absence of Nadine Kåmark and Joacim Nymann.

How does the team’s event work?

The team’s event works in a different way than the rest of the competitions at the world championship. There is only one section, divided into four sectors. Each sector consists of four obstacles, which gives you either 10, 20, 30 or 40 points according to the difficulty of the obstacle.

Five riders from each nation can attend the competition, only one from each category: men elite 20″, men elite 26″, men junior 20″, men junior 26″ and women. Every rider can choose the obstacle they want to do in each sector, and the nation that collects the most points in total, wins.

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