Reichenbach, Oswald and Oing crowned German champions

After almost all the national and international competitions were cancelled this season, the happiness reached new heights when TSC Schönborn agreed to organize the German Championships in 2020. Once the German jungle of authorities had been overcome, nothing could stop the competition to be organized.

Mud party
The area of the TSC Schönborn, 120 km south of Berlin, is extensive and offers a varied trial ground with concrete elements, tree trunks and rocks. Unfortunately, the normally most arid region of Germany showed its uncomfortable side on the championship Saturday: Continuous rain at 10°C turned the area into a mud party that pushed the riders (and brakes) to their limits.

Large number of riders
80 riders competed in 11 categories for the title German Champion or German Trial Cup. Due to the large number of riders, the semi-final/final mode was not carried out – this meant 3 rounds with 5 or 6 sections for all. In the Women’s category the four-time world champion Nina Reichenbach won with 920 points. Second place went to Larena Hees (660) ahead of Celina Römmelt (140). In the Elite 20″ top favourite, world champion and title holder Dominik Oswald (710) won sovereignly ahead of Jonas Friedrich (470) and Kai Hatt (300). In the Elite 26″ category, Jannis Oing won the German Champion title for the first time with 720 points. Junior world champion Oliver Widmann had to settle for second place (680) after a bad crash and a following hospital visit. Jonathan Sandritter (520) finished third.

Challenging terrain
Not only the difficult weather conditions, but also riding in a “natural” hilly terrain became a challenge for many. Nevertheless, all had fun and were especially happy to see everyone again. Let’s hope that the 2021 season will be a bit more normal again!

Photos by: Andreas Gester
Words by: Ida Steier
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