Oswald, Reichenbach & Widmann best at the German championship

The finals in the German Trials Championship, organised at Die Finals, a multi sport national championship format, were won by Dominik Oswald, Nina Reichenbach and Oliver Widmann, in men’s 20″, women’s and men’s 26″ respectively. Bashguardian spoke with the three fresh German Trials Champions, which all had different approaches to the race weekend.

Dominik Oswald: – ​​I was able to move back into competition mode

Dominik Oswald is the current UCI 20″ Trials world and European champion, as well as multiple German champion. So, it was no surprise he got the title in 2021 too. But, with the lack on competitions on the calendar, he had to rely on two races to get back to competition mode.

– Thanks to the semi-finals in the German championship and the HC race in Barcelona, ​​I was able to move back into competition mode. Also, my physical training is very good all the time, and that’s why I started the competition very positively, and was able to keep the good feeling until the end.

Even for a world champion, the sections were difficult.

– The first three obstacles in each section were quite easy. Then the obstacles got very difficult, but varied. Also, you had to ride quickly through the sections to cross the finish line in time.

– It was a lot of fun, and the competition was broadcast live on the two largest German TV channels! So it was a great platform to present our sport. Many thanks to the Berlin Trials Team for the great organising!

When asked about what’s next, Oswald has a simple plan.

– Keep training hard, maybe take part in one or two C1 competitions, and wait for world cups!

The men’s elite 20″ podium. From the left: Jonas Friedrich, Dominik Oswald, Leon Müller. Photo: Andreas Gester

Nina Reichenbach: – My shape is really, really good at the moment

When you look closely, it’s easy to see how successful the German trials riders have been in recent years. They are the current UCI world champions in men’s 20″ and junior 26″, and in the women’s, where Nina Reichenbach has been the girl to beat for several seasons. But, at this year’s German championship, she was not superior from the get go, despite having had perfect preparations.

– The preparation for this competition was perfect. Both the physical and the mental part! Even with the uncertain situation about competitions this season, I have given and I’m giving 100% in training, to be ready for the day of the first competition! Staying motivated hasn’t been easy all the time, but my shape is really, really good at the moment. Probably the best I’ve ever had!

Also Nina praises the organisers for well-built sections.

– The sections were really nicely built, but the level in general was too easy. I made one mistake in the first lap, which brought me to 170 points instead of 180 points. There was a lot of pressure on me, because I was ten points behind Larena [Hees]. Anyway, I stayed focused until the end, and won with 350 points, which means that I had a perfect second round!

Like Oswald, Nina wants to test her international competitors at a C1 race.

– As the first World cup in Austria is postponed, the next goal will be the HC competition in Poprad in July.

The women’s podium. From the left: Lerena Hees, Celina Römmelt (front), Nina Reichenbach. Photo: Andreas Gester

Oliver Widmann: – Quite a lot of pressure was put on me

Last year’s German Championship didn’t go to plan, as Oliver Widmann suffered a nasty crash in super wet conditions, and the title went to Jannis Oing. In other words, Widmann was keen to get his revenge! But, it didn’t come easy.

– Since the German Championships were the first competition of the year for me, I was really looking forward to this weekend. But, due to a knee injury, I could only train to a limited extent this winter, and I really wanted to be in shape again for the German championships. Fortunately, with the help of my trainer Karol Serwin, we managed to make me feel great on the bike this weekend.

– The German championships last year did not go optimally for me, due to a bad crash. This year the finals of the German championships were very well represented in the media in advance, and quite a lot of pressure was put on me.

Luckily for Widmann, the competition went well.

– After a good start to the competition, I was able to expand my lead section by section and could ultimately win the title.

Widmann had fun in the sections, and he gives credit to the Berlin trials team for a well organised event.

– The sections were perfectly built by the Berlin trial team, and it was a great fun because a good increase [of difficulty] was built into the sections. The level was not too difficult and not too easy, so that the sections were very difficult to master with 60 points.

Widmann has made a similar plan to Oswald and Reichenbach for the season.

– Next I would like to start in Vic [Catalunya, Spain] at the C1 competition, and I am already looking forward to the World cups this year.

The men’s elite 26″ podium. From the left: Raphael Zehentner, Oliver Widmann, Andreas Strasser. Photo: Andreas Gester

Men’s 20″ and 26″ finals are uploaded to Youtube, and you can watch them embedded below. To watch the women’s final, click here.

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