Karlsson wins in absence of Nymann

Several countries have pulled of their national championship lately, and Sweden is no exception. After Björn Levin retired in 2014, there have only been two winners in the elite category in Sweden: Joacim Nymann (26) and Rasmus Lidén (20). But, with the absence of Nymann, someone else seized the opportunity and grabbed his first elite title ahead of Lidén.

– “Hard to describe how good it feels”
Alexander Karlsson (24) has been in the top three for several years in the Swedish comp scene, but the last obstacle to get his first victory, has been Nymann. Without Nymann, he seized the opportunity, and got his first elite championship title, crowned Swedish trials champion for 2020.

He describes the race with his own words:
“The feeling before the race was good. I thought the sections looked relatively easy and believed I had the capacity to get a full score in every section. I was a little extra nervous, because I hadn’t competed for over a year. But, I knew I had prepared well before the championship, and I can’t do more than that.

During the warmup everything felt great. I was explosive and strong. But, the sections were a little longer than I anticipated, so I couldn’t get as many points as I hoped for. 40 points, 30 points, 40 points, etc… Thus I actually didn’t believe I could win, because I thought the other guys had been riding a lot better (than me).

But, both me and Rasmus Lidén (dd) had 530 points in total, and I won because I had two more sections with 40 points. So it was really exciting until the race office had done the calculations!

It is hard to describe how good it feels!”.

Nymann with no motivation
Joacim Nymann decided to not attend this year’s national championship due to lack of motivation, and he’s been mostly focusing on enduro riding this year. Check out his Instagram for some quality enduro content! Hopefully we see Joacim back on his trials bike soon.

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