Know your legends!

This quiz is all about some of the biggest legends of trials. Have you ever heard of Ryan Leech, Ot Pi, César Cañas or Petr Kraus? If not, you have some serious homework to do before you start answering this quiz. Good luck!
Ryan Leech released a video where he defined a new style of trials riding. Name the video.
...and what was this new style all about?
He is a two times UCI world trials champion, and has played a role as himself in several episodes of Pacific Blue.
He had at some point the highest bunny hop in the world, and can be regarded as the godfather of modern street trials riding, combining barspins, manuals and other tricks with traditional trials techniques.
Together with his name brother, they made videos such as Tricks & Stunts and Chainspotting. After an accident in 2013 he had to stop trials riding, but he's still hugely involved in the bike scene.
Ot Pi is a multiple elite BIU world champion and son of Monty founder Pedro Pi. Just how many elite world titles did Ot get?
Ot's long time team mate, César Cañas, was also very successful in BIU. How many elite world titles did he get in his career?
The Czech legend Petr Kraus won the BIU elite world title one time. Which year?
He is still young compared to many of the other riders in this quiz, born in 1985, but definitely a legend. And he's 176 cm tall. Who is he?
This Japanese rider was known for his baggy jeans and silky smooth style. His riding in Echo Video 2 is a must watch!

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