Can you name the video?

We’ve all been watching hours on hours of trials videos. Some more than others, but still there are a few videos that stand out from the rest, and becomes a part of the trials history and culture. But, are you able to recognise them from just one screen grab?

It's time to find out!

1/10: TRA and Knut have made some great videos together. What name did they choose for this one?
2/10: This one is an oldie but goldie from the UK.
3/10: Looking familiar?
4/10: Fabio flying high!
5/10: Another legendary video...
6/10: If you get this right, you're probably old.
7/10: He's a Norco rider.
8/10: Video recorded in Spain, with a seat.
9/10: Picture speaks for itself...
10/10: Back when Vincent visited the USA...

Bashguardian's Executive Editor. Trials since 2004! Osteopath, personal trainer and part time show rider. The world of trials needs a place on the web. This is my contribution.

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