Can you name the spot?

This quiz might be easy, or it might be difficult. It all depends on the amount of knowledge you have inside your brain. We picked out some of the most famous trials spots around the world, both parks and natural. Can you name them all?

Let’s go!

1/10: A place you don't want to visit alone at night...
2/10: Under the bridge, but where?
3/10: A place where Jack Carthy rides a lot...
4/10: In what park does our editor in chief show of his skills?
5/10: One of many parks in the UK. Can you name this one?
6/10: Front wheel move by Pol Tarrés, in?
7/10: Most of the gameplay in this trials game takes place in a rather famous trials park in North America. But where is it?
8/10: One of the most northern trial parks in the world?
9/10: Known for it's Easter trial jam once a year...
10/10: You would find this legendary place in?

Bashguardian's Executive Editor. Trials since 2004! Osteopath, personal trainer and part time show rider. The world of trials needs a place on the web. This is my contribution.

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