Can you name the rider?

This quiz is all about some of the most successful trials riders to have ever lived! Can you name them all?
1/7: She was born in 1986, and was absolutely dominant between 2001 and 2011, winning nine golds and two silver medals at the world championships.
2/7: He was born in Spain in 1981, and is the only rider to have won gold in both 20" and 26" in elite at the UCI world championship.
3/7: He won his first elite world championship in 2007, and his last in 2015, and he is still competing at the highest level.
4/7: This one should be easy: April 2009...
5/7: He is 10 times UCI World Champion in elite 20", still competing, and he is born in 1981.
6/7: He is still involved in sport through coaching, born in 1975, and holds 11 BIU world titles in elite 20".
7/7: He dominated elite 20" for several years, winning four UCI world championships, before swapping to 26" in 2018.

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