Are you a bike nerd?

This quiz has some easy questions, and some completely impossible for most of you. If you get full score on this one, you have some serious nerd issues! Let's go!
What was the chainstay length of 26" BT BIKE Ninja? Hint: It was short!
Christian Gugliotta is the man behind Crewkerz, but he had another trials bike brand before this. Name the brand.
Dominique Hermance, the father of Vincent Hermance, has founded (at least) two trials bike brands. What was the name of his first, and most famous one?
Kenny Belaey once had a pro model from Dom's first trials bike brand. What was the top tube made of on this frame (second gen.)?
Crewkerz has pioneered some technologies never seen on trials bikes before. What is their crank/bottom bracket system named?
Which of the brands below have never made a hydraulic rim brake lever (production model)?
Which brand made the first trials specific carbon forks?
20" trials bikes have a 19" rear wheel, that's normal. But, only one brand has ever made a 26" bike with a 25" rear wheel. Name the brand.
There have been loads of brands from the UK, where at least one trials bike has been a part of their lineup. Choose all the correct brands below.
How many engagement points have most top of the line freewheels at the moment? PS: You need to click 'Continue' to see the results because of the multiple choice question above.

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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