Charlie and his bike.

Rider’s world championship bikes

Have a closer look at some of the bikes used in Vic, at the UCI trials world championship 2021. There were some interesting customisation to many of the bikes, DIY stuff and prototypes. There is a big gap between Benito Ros’ mega custom Clean K1, to Nicolas Vallee Ozonys Curve, who basically rides a bike you can buy off the shelf.

As you can see, a lot of the bikes have taken some beating, and they are not brand new (Which normally would be the case for top riders at the world championship). That is because of the current situation in the bike world, the manufacturers haven’t been able to get new bikes, neither for their customers or team riders. You can read more about the current situation regarding delivery times and prices here.

All photos by Gaute Ulltang/Bashguardian.

Charlie Rolls’ Crewkerz Jealousy 20″:

Benito Ros’ Clean K1 20″:

Vincent Hermance’s Crewkerz Jealousy 26″

Nicolas Vallee’s Ozonys Curve 26″

Pol Tarres’ Clean K1 26″

Eloi Palau’s Comas 20″ prototype

Martin Vareyda’s Clean X3 26″ prototype:

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