Tomomi Nishikubo signs with Rasoulution

The Japanese national trials champion, now turned pro street trials rider, Tomomi Nishikubo (28), has signed a partnership with the German athlete management agency Rasoulution. Rasoulution already manages riders such as Fabio Wibmer and Danny MacAskill, so this is a pretty big deal for Tomomi.

Here are the highlights from the press release made by Rasoulution:
“The Japanese rider is a true artist on the bike. Now 28-year-old, he started riding motocross at the age of five. Seven years later, his passion for bikes without an engine was ignited and Tomomi started his trials career. In 2013, he competed in the UCI Trials World Championships in South Africa and finished 25th. His greatest successes, becoming Japanese Trials Champion in 2016 and 2017, made him known within the country. However, Tomomi is not only at home on the trials bike, his broad ability is illustrated by his win of the Japanese Downhill Series (Expert) in 2018. His switch to street trials also paid off with victory in trials at the Ninja Games last year. Trials, downhill and freeride are among his prime disciplines, all of which he combines spectacularly in his great passion – the making of videos.

“I’ve been following him for some time on Instagram and immediately liked him. I was blown away when I watched “Chase Her”. Tomomi rides really, really well: His technical tricks remind me of Fabio Wibmer and Danny MacAskill. I also find the exclusively positive user comments he seems to attract very likeable”, says the motivated managing director of Rasoulution after their recent signing with Tomomi.

“I’m super stoked to be working with Rasoulution and I’m honored to be working with such a professional team. Not to mention that I get to be team mates with my heroes Danny and Fabio. I can’t wait to ride with them and to see what we can achieve together with Rasoulution”, says Tomomi.

Tomomi Nishikubo first made his way onto the bike scene when he started competing in comp trials when he was 12.

He has filmed a number of well-received videos, including his Ninja Rider 1 & Ninja Rider 2, which currently have over 3 million views on YouTube.

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