Pol Tarrés causing controversy with his latest video

When Pol Tarrés released a video filmed at the Castell de Burriac in Maresme (Barcelona) earlier this week, he didn’t foresee the controversy it would create.

Watch the video here: Pol Tarrés – Overthinker

An article in the biggest Catalan newspaper, La Vanguardia, addresses the fact that he got access to the ancient castle without the permission to ride and film there, especially not with a drone. They emphasize the fact that it is a protected architectural complex, and it upset organizations such as Fundació Burriac de Cabrera de Mar and the environmental organization Natura, in addition to the local city council in Cabrera.

We are very sad
Those responsible for the area where the castle is located, Consorci del Parc de la Serralada Litoral, expresses their “disappointment over those that broadcasted the video”, because “it contributes to a lack of respect for cultural and natural heritage sites”, when speaking to La Vanguardia.

Pol Tarrés, which made this video with no intention to harm anyone’s feelings, nor doing any vandalism to a castle from the 11th century, has the following to say about the situation:

– We are very sad that some individuals took it wrong or it bothered them, and if you watch the video carefully you can see that nothing is damaged and even less broken. We are locals from here, and we are the first ones that want to preserve the environment and the cool things we have such as the Castell de Burriach.

Let’s see what happens next. Pol was forced to remove all clips from social medias, including the video on YouTube. Luckily, Bashguardian has their contacts, and managed to re-upload it to the Bashguardian YT channel.

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