Injury gives Hermance his longest time off the bike in 20 years.

Vincent Hermance (36) crashed while trying a kicker on his trials bike, which resulted in a broken ligament in his thumb. The injury is going to separate Vincent and his bike for more than four weeks, the longest time he’s had off the bike in the last 20 years!

Vincent explains how the injury happened:
– I broke the main thumb ligament while crashing on the bike. I tried a kicker, going for a pedalup to front, and didn’t manage to pass the front wheel over the edge of the obstacle. I didn’t have enough time to take my hands off the handlebar, and I hit the thumb in the obstacle.

Vincent didn’t realize the scale of the injury at first, and waited ten days before he got in touch with a specialist:
– I was pretty worried after ten days because I didn’t feel any improvement. After seeing some specialists we knew what went wrong. This specific ligament I broke is quite tricky, as once it’s broken, it can’t heal without surgery. I went to see a great surgeon, and it went smooth in the operation room. I have to keep the hand bandaged for three weeks to let it heal, and then I’m back to business.

While being asked on the recovery time, he is very optimistic:
– It won’t have any bad consequences on my season preparation. Once I remove the bandage, I’m not going through any tricky rehabilitation  I’ll be back on my bike three minutes after they remove the bandage.

Vincent with a thumbs up! ?

Despite a quick recovery time, this is going to be Vincent’s longest time off the bike in the last 20 years:
– I never accept to get off the bike, I never have a break in the winter or in the middle of the season if I’m exhausted. This month off the bike will be my longest break in over 20 years, and that’s a good thing. I’m so hungry to ride again.

His physical preparation for the hopefully upcoming season is now being handled by his chosen one:
– Rergarding my physical preparation, I work hard thanks to Perrine Dehahive that creates some clever exercices that fit the bandaged hand.

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