Clean signs Pol Tarres

After signing both Thomas Pechhacker and Samuel Hlavaty earlier this year, Clean has further strengthened their world cup team, by signing one of the best 26″ riders in the world: Catalan Pol Tarres Martrat (26).

Win-win situation
Pol has currently a top 9 world ranking, with a podiums at the Euro champs and international races over the last years. He didn’t have any trials bike sponsors last year, and he’s now happy to sign with Clean. Pol says:
– “This year mine and Clean’s plans aligned, so we have a partnership in which both parts are happy, its a win-win situation. For me it’s not only the bike, but the environment of the team, and I feel really happy to be part of this one.”

Takes some time to get used to
He’s first impressions of the new bike is that carbon makes it more responsive, and he needs some time to get used to it:
– “First impression is that the bike is really fast. Thanks to carbon the response of the bike is superfast, and you need some hours to get used to it, but then it feels that all the power you have goes straight to the wheels”, Tarres says.

More content than usual
With lots of uncertainty for the hopefully upcoming race season, Tarres is training as normal. He says:
– “Due to this unknown situation, I will keep training and I will try to make more content than usual, since we don’t have to travel for competitions and we have more time.”

Even more partnerships
Pol has not been relaxing lately, and he has also partnered up with several other brands, such as Hestra gloves and TwoNav. He adds:
– “We started slow with Hestra in 2019, starting our partnership when we went to Dolomites, and we extended for the whole 2020. Also TwoNav, it’s a GPS and software company for outdoor navigation, but this one it’s more mtb oriented than trials for the moment.

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