Chilean champion Matias Alegria continues with Breeth

The Chilean trials champion and world cup rider, Matias Alegria (26), continues to ride for the Chinese trials brand Breeth in 2020, and he did just present his new carbon bike.

Never tried carbon bikes before
Alegria has been riding aluminium bikes from Breeth in the past, but now he switched to carbon. The bike is slightly different in geometry than the aluminium version, and that’s why he had to do some changes:

– “The geo is a bit different than the last bike, so I decided to change the stem and handlebars, to have a completely different feeling and get adapted to everything at once.

He’s also impressed by the initial impression:

– “I’ve never been riding a carbon bike, and just when you lift it, it feels much lighter than my old bike. It was really easy to build and I’m really in love with the color”.

Haven’t tried riding it yet
With the ongoing pandemic, and with Chile not yet to hit the peak of infected people, it’s not allowed to go out and ride at the moment. It’s also about to turn into winter in Chile, and the health care system is about to collapse. The only thing to do is then to wait:

– “I have to wait and stay home. The good thing is that I have more motivation than ever to come back to riding again.”

Matias will start to upload more content of him riding once it’s allowed in Chile, so follow him on Instagram and stay tuned!

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