Ninth generation Ozonys Curve

The French marque Ozonys, founded by multiple world champion Bruno Arnold back in 2007, has some new frames on their way: One of the most proven frame concepts on the market, the Curve series, is now at its ninth generation!

Lots of different Curve configurations
The new Curve will be available in three different colors: Orange, blue turquoise and navy. For the complete bike, there are two equipment levels: the PRO or the CLASSIC version. While both levels are made up of WAW components, the PRO has the WAW Ultimate range, with carbon forks and bars, and upgraded rim brake levers from Trialtech.

All frames come with through axles, chain tensioners, tapered headset and ISIS bottom brackets.

Three different sizes
The new Curve series is available in 26″, 20″ and KID geometry.

The 26″ version has a 1085 mm wheelbase, 72° head angle, 380 mm chainstays and +65 mm BB height. They have upgraded the frame for increased reliability and rigidity, and modified the integrated brake booster for better brake performance.

The 20″ bike is available in either double disc or rear disc/front rim brake. The geometry is a 1005 mm wheelbase, a 71.5° head angle, 350 mm chainstays and a +83 mm BB height.

The KID version has the same brake options as the 20″, and is available in a 970 mm wheelbase, 71.5° head angle, 350 mm chainstays and +83 mm BB height.

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