New trials specific shoe from Jitsie

The Belgian brand has released a revamped version of their Airtime shoes, now named Air4ce.

Developed together with the team riders

The Jitsie Air4ce shoe combines cutting-edge design and technically advanced materials to make it best-in-class for performance, comfort, support and durability. Developed in close collaboration with the Jitsie factory team riders, such as Alejandro Montalvo and Adam Morewood, the Air4ce shoe adds confidence when it comes to interacting with the bike while pushing your limits.

Several steps better than its predecessor

The shoe has a breathable and durable upper constructed with mesh and microfiber material. To ensure a tight fit, it has one velcro closure tab in addition to the laces. To help protect the malleolus on the medial side of the ankle, the shoe has an asymetrical ankle construction, as you can see in the pictures. Unlike previous iterations of the Jitsie shoe, this one has full heel-to-toe rubber sole construction, which is much more durable than traditional glued on soles. To give maximum pedal grip and feel, the shoe has a low profile outersole with super tacky rubber.

Click on the images for full-size version.

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