New rims from Clean

Abel Mustieles‘ Clean brand has launched new rear rims in 26″ and 19″ diameter. These rims are made for the riders that are looking for the lightest components available.

The diameter, and thus the weight, is obviously different between the two rims, but all of the other characteristics are shared. Both rims feature a new custom extruded profile, similar, but not identical to the Hashtagg design. The profile helps to improve strength, stiffness and how the tire seats in the rim. With large parallel sidewalls, the rim brake performance is taken care of too.

The rims are made out of 6061 T6 alloy, which should make your grind last for a long time. With wide spoke spacing, you ensure maximal lateral stiffness.

The rims are both 47 mm wide, with 32 spoke holes. They’re finished in anodized black with laser etched logos.

The lightest on the market
The biggest competitor to these rims, are definitely the Hashtagg rims. They were the lightest options available before Clean updated their design. The 26″ Clean rim weighs 495 grams, and compared to the Hashtagg, that is 25 grams lighter. But, the 20″ rim has an even bigger weight saving, weighing in at only 300 grams, which is more than 45 grams lighter than the Hashtagg.

Lately undrilled double wall rims from Bonz and Trialtech have been very popular, and for comparison, a Trialtech 26″ rear rim weighs almost 100 grams more than the Clean. Now the riders have lots of options to choose from, either if you’re looking for bombproof strength or the lightest money can buy.

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