Leader: This is the first issue of the Bashguardian magazine

Bashguardian was planned to be a true trials magazine. But, due to the nature of the Internet, we’ve published articles as things have happened in the trials community. And depending on what’s going, sometimes we’ve published daily, sometimes weekly. Very often monthly. Yesterday is old news on the Internet, and as we scroll through our social media feeds, we get most of the latest news there anyway. That’s the reason behind the change of strategy that now comes to Bashguardian.

It’s not a very well kept secret that most of the articles at Bashguardian are written my one person. That person is me, Eirik Ulltang. I’m a full time trials rider, doing competitions and running my own show team, called MOOW. I planned to sit one hour at the computer everyday, strictly dedicating my time to Bashguardian. But, when you send out interview requests or wait for press releases, but they never arrive, you kind of loose your patience. And motivation. A trials magazine doesn’t run by itself, you have to dig deep for every article you write. And I constantly felt that I needed to post new articles. And I know the readers expected that too. Bashguardian is quality over quantity, and I don’t want it to be a normal newspaper with rapid news. I want Bashguardian to be a magazine where you can learn more about the story behind stuff, the stories behind the riders. Not the superficial stuff you see on SoMe.

This leads us to the new strategy: Instead of having the intention to post several times a week, but not actually managing to do so, Bashguardian is now going to be updated at certain dates. Not necessarily monthly, but several times a year. This is issue number 1, released in November 2021. Every time a new issue is published, the entire front page of Bashguardian.com will be new, with interviews, product news, videos (and the story behind them), and much more. This gives me time to dig deeper in the trials community, do more feature stuff, and actually becoming a true magazine. Maybe we’re doing a physical magazine in the future too? Who knows, but if enough people are interested, I’m 100% up for it.

I hope you like the first issue of Bashguardian. Hopefully it’s not going to be the last.

I would like to thank all the contributors in this Bashguardian issue: Karol Serwin, Sergi Llongueras, Joachim Skjævestad, David McFall and Erik Solbakken.

If you like writing, and want to contribute to this magazine, get in touch with us. And, to all trials riders, trials brands and trials event organizers: Please send your latest news and press releases to us. We need all the contribution we can have from all the content creators out there. You can read how you can contribute here.

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Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!