Trials is just Vincent Hermance’s thing

Vincent Hermance has made some big changes for 2020, after finishing as number three in the UCI 26″ world ranking in 2019. And he talks about how he prepares himself for this “upcoming” season.

Last year you got third in the world cup overall, and also podium at worlds. What was (in your opinion) your best race last year?

Honestly I’m not happy about my riding last year. I have made some very goods semi finals and some national competitions but I can’t remember any great final in the international competitions. I guess the best one was the first world cup of the year in Austria but even there it was far from what I want to do on my bike.

I guess my best performance was during the semi finals of the World championship where I took a solid second place, but only finals counts.

We’ve seen on social media that you have been doing a lot of riding this winter. How do you prepare yourself for the upcoming season? (e.g. riding v.s gym work)

Well, I have started many changes, especially my physical preparation. I have a new trainer and the results are very positive so far. I think that the huge moves are what kept me away from victory. I work hard to change it.

Riding good in your indoor spot and killing sections are two different things.

On the bike, with Cesar we have made some adjustments too. Everything is going very well under the circumstances, my training conditions aren’t too bad as I can do a modified but quite good physical training and ride my home spot which is quite interesting. But a lot of work will have to be done to face new obstacles properly. Riding good in your indoor spot and killing sections are two different things.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

I guess not. I check everything 10 times and can be maniac trying to do things well but I can’t tell that I have rituals.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?

I love La Poma bike park and the Catalan spots, for the obstacles, the weather, the riders there… Great atmosphere!

Vince doing his thing.

You’ve been riding for Comas the last years, and recently changed to Crewkers. How has this transition been for you?

Amazing. I absolutely love the Crewkerz. I have kept my favorite Hashtagg parts but all the rest is absolutely new. I am always expecting a lot from my bikes and this is the reason why I changed, not a contract matter. And the feeling is even better than I expected.

The bike is extremly reactive and return the effort amazingly. So you can jump more, but also be extremly precise. And I love the fact that you don’t have to work on the bike for maintenance, the bike is absolutely reliable.

I am not saying that the Comas is a bad bike, for its price you buy a great great deal. But it can’t be compared to a bike twice its price.

The bike is very different, the price too. But for high level performance, it makes a huge difference.

Vince showing his new Crewkers

As many other trial riders, you also combine competitions with show’s. How does your 2020 schedule look like?

It started well as my winter shows with Circus Trial Tour began, but now with the current situation everything is off. It is difficult times for the riders living from shows, but what can we do? Wait and be back soon!

2020 goals – have you made some?

So far it is difficult as we even don’t know if we will have a season. So I don’t focus on it, I just work hard to get the best feeling on my bike to reach a level and a control I have always dreamed of. I try to become a Cyborg rider and with Jack, Joacim, Nico, Charlie or Borja the references on different levels are easy to be found!

Trials is just my thing.

You’ve been rocking the trials scene the last couple decades. What are your future plans for trials riding, and what’s your secret to keep having the motivation to be among the top of the elite field?

Trials is just my thing. Finding what you are made for is a great chance and it makes the motivation natural. I plan to keep on riding as long as possible if two conditions are joined together : keeping on improving and fighting for the best places. In addition to those personal goals, I am more and more involved in coaching. It is an other great source of motivation and inspiration. It might be my next chapter, I am starting to do new things at this level, to push forward the passing on.

With the current situation in the world, where do you see trials in 2020? Do you think there will be any international events at all?

The optimistic vision could be three world cups in September and October and the Worlds in November. Fingers crossed!

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