Rider’s bikes: Jason Lake’s looong Scorpio Karr

Jason Lake (37) is a giant at 203 cm from Essex in the UK. Being this tall, there aren’t many trials frames large enough for him. So, with the help from Kevin Liu and Scorpio, he went down the custom frame path, and got himself the longest frame ever, with a staggering 1130 mm wheelbase!

How did you come up with this unique geometry?
The bike came about from me and Kevin Liu talking about v-brakes and him taking me under his wings with online coaching. Within one video, Kevin said that the setup I was running was wrong. I made some changes on my current setup, but he said I could benefit from a custom geometry frame.

Kevin asked for another video of me riding nonstop for five minutes, with all the moves I could do, and Kevin responded: “Give me an hour!”. Within 20 minutes he emailed me the full geometry he believed I needed. Then he gave me the contact details to Scorpio in Taiwan.

I said to Kevin: “Are you sure this will work? I’m not a gamling guy, and this a bit like playing roulette”. Kevin responded: “You’re a big guy, you need a big bike . I’m not normally wrong, infact I’m never wrong , it will work”.

I then had a video call with Carsinn Wilson, who also had a custom frame, and he had nothing but good things to say. With that I placed my order, sat back and waited for Scorpio to work their magic.

What was the frist impression of the bike like?
The build quality is nothing but amazing, a custom frame that is built to high production standards. I was worried about the weight, but it was lighter than my previous bike, even though I had gone back to using old school parts.

The moment I pulled the handlebars up, I knew the gamble had paid off. The bike is like nothing I’ve ridden before. No back pain, no feeling like I was cramped in a small cockpit. Things I normally have to make full effort to gap, can now be done with hardly any effort at all. The bike has changed my riding, and given me a new perspective on riding that I’ve longed for.

 Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
I want to say a big thank you to Kevin Liu for the help with designing the geo and for the v-brakes; Anita and Frank at Scoripo for building such a wonderful frame; Ben at Trials Addict for wheels, pads, tyres and chain;
Tom Mitchell at Radical Bikes for letting me use the park to shakedown the bike after it was built; and Charlie Rolls at Bike Trial Academy UK for also letting me come up, train and shakedown the bike.

I have met some incredible people over the past 22 years, from professionals to the beginners. I love and respect all of you!

Ali C recently featured Jason’s bike in one of his videos. If you want to learn more about the bike, and see it being ridden, it starts at 6:23 min.

Scorpio Karr 26″ (Custom geometry)
Forks: Crewkerz WAW carbon forks
Handlebars: TMY
Stem: Jistie Forged 180×35°
Grips: Foam
Brakes: Lykke v-brakes
Brake pads: TNN Blue Vee
Brake booster: Lykke Carbon
Crankset: Crewkerz WAW
Freewheel: Crewkerz WAW 18t
Pedals: Trialtech Carthy
Chain: Gusset Tank
Hubs: Try-all
Rims: Echo TR
F. tire: Kenda Small Block Eight
R. tire: Try-all Stiky
Weight: 10,8 kg

Wheelbase: 1130 mm
Chainstay: 377 mm
BB: + 85 mm
Head angle: 73°

About Jason Lake:
Born: 1983
Height: 203 cm
Weight: 106 kg
Started riding: 1998 (never got any better than the day I started) 
Greatest bike achievement: Helping host and MC at the London Trials Battle (Thank you Andrei Burton!) 

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