Music Monday: Pol Tarrés

Pol Tarrés Martrat (27) enjoys content creation like photography, editorial writing and video making. And that must mean he’s into music too?

The previous Music Monday featured Nathan Mummery, which had a varied taste in music. And, Pol is not that different, listening to everything from Sum 41 and MGMT to Dr. Dre and Swedish House Mafia. That’s a mix!

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Before you’re listening to the tunes of your next riding session, let’s ask Pol a few questions!

How does music help your riding or training?
It makes training a bit more fun and sometimes it helps me avoid distractions.

I think that’s true for many of us. What’s you current favorite song?
For riding it’s Wonderful days by Cubebrick at the moment.

That’s a party anthem for sure! What’s your favorite genre?
I don’t have a specific favorite genre, I like songs from almost all of them.

When browsing the playlist, I wasn’t too hard to tell. Who is your favorite band or artist?
I like the Catalan band Manel a lot, Chrystal Fighters, Izal, Vance Joy, Elvis Presley, but I don’t have a number one.

That’s a interesting mix. Do you think music has shaped your riding style?
No, it helps in some moments, but it hasn’t shaped my riding style I think.

Are you 100% sure Elvis hasn’t influenced your swag? ? Before competitions, do you have a routine involving music?
I like to listen to my favourite songs of the moment, or songs that motivate me, when I’m preparing for competitions. It also helps me in avoiding distractions and stay focused.

You’re really afraid of distractions, we can tell ? Tell us about your “PAMPAM!” playlist?
The list is a mix of what I usually hear when training, riding road biking or to the gym. Its a mix of a bit of everything, as I said there are songs that give me motivation. You can find from reggaeton, to rock going through indie and edm.

The name of the list is “PAMPAM!”, because it’s a very Catalan thing. We didn’t realize it until foreigners came to train here in Catalonia and they were all: Hey, what’s that “pampam”, you’re always saying it? And we realized that we call a trials technique [front hook –Ed.] “pampam” because there is not a word for it in Catalan ? 

Go ahead and save the playlist to your library, and experience the same tunes Pol listens to while he’s riding!

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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