Music Monday: Nicolas Vallée

World’s highest ranked 26″ trials rider, Nicolas Vallée (22), has recently come back from a bad ankle injury. Luckily, the Frenchman is already on schedule for a potential 2021 season, and posting impressive videos both from the trials park and the gym on his Instagram.

We don’t care too much about his riding this time though, and instead we asked him about music.

[Check out Nico’s playlist below the interview]

First of all, do you listen to music while riding?
Of course, yes! I always love to listen to music whatever I do, and especially while riding!

That sounds good! How does music help your riding or training?
I’m sure listening to music push me to ride better. It really motivates me and help me to keep focused.

Music definitely helps on the motivation. But, what’s you current favorite song?
I think the song I listen to the most right now is “Dans la Zone” by Kalash Criminal ft. Jul.

Going to listen to that one for sure. And what’s your favorite genre?
I do love French rap music, and in general hip-hop!

We could tell from the playlist you sent over, haha! Who is your favorite band or artist?
I don’t have a favorite one. A lot of French rappers are my favorites, it’s too hard to choose. According to Spotify, my favorite artist was Gambi this year!

As long as it’s French and rapping is involved, you basicually love it! Hah! Do you think music has shaped your riding style?
Hm… I don’t really think. If yes, I should shout French bad words every time I ride ?

Yes, can you please start doing that? ? Before competitions, do you have a routine involving music?
Yes, before each competition I listen to music to give me extra motivation. I love listening to really hardcore French rap, it almost makes me angry, you know!? I really want to kill the sections after this pre-race routine!

Can’t wait to see you kill sections in the future! You shared your favorite playlist with us, named after your spirit animal, the panda?. Tell us about this playlist?
Haha, yes! I created this playlist two years ago, and I keep adding songs. You will find French hardcore and soft rap music. Both are represented by several artists, and I hope you will enjoy this Pandatrial™ playslist! .

Go ahead and save the playlist to your library, and experience the same tunes Nicolas listens to while he’s riding!

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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