Music Monday: Nathan Mummery

Nathan Mummery (31) is an Australian national trials champion and a rider who has competed at the international trials circuit for many years. His taste in music and how he’s (not) using music while riding, might surprise you.

Make sure to check out his playlist, embedded below the interview.

First things first: Do you listen to music while riding?
Can’t say I ever played music whilst training on the trials bike. I’d find it a little too distracting I reckon. I’ve only really had music playing in the background whilst at competitions or shows. Certainly makes you ride harder in and brings that competitive vibe.

It makes you ride harder and it’s too distracting. That kind of answers the next question ? Anyways, how does music help your riding or training?
If I’m cross training and out riding the cross country or training in the gym, then yes! In these settings I definitely listen to music to help find that level of charge; if you like.

What’s you current favorite song?
Mares – Allt du går och att du finns“. I’ve been poorly attempting to learn Norwegian at the moment and recently came across this (ironically) Swedish song. The lyrics are amusing, so yeah! Goes alright!

I guess a Norwegian girlfriend influenced your taste of music? ? But, what’s your favorite genre?
I’d like to say hip hop or something cool like that. But I’d say I’m more of a relaxed indie or alternative type of guy.

Appreciate your honesty, even though it destroys your image. Who is your favorite band or artist?
At the moment I’m really enjoying DMA’s. They’re an Aussie band out of Sydney.

Of course you like an Aussie band ? Do you think music has shaped your riding style?
My music taste hasn’t necessarily influenced my riding style, however the music that’s played in the videos I watch of trials, that certainly has some grasp of influence.

I’d say as I’ve gotten older I listened to a much more relaxed genre of music in the car both before and after riding. I feel like that’s played some part in making my riding a calmer and more positive experience. 

In my earlier years my riding was influenced much like as Matías Alegria mentioned in the last Music Monday, by the UK trials videos of Damon Watson, Neil Tunnicliffe & Andrei Burton. In recent years this influence has come from the music in trials videos from guys like Andrew Dickey, Jack Carthy and Charlie Rolls. 

That’s a great answer. Before competitions, do you have a routine involving music?
Yeah! When I’m walking the sections I’d be more likely to listen to something like my “Bonza beats” playlist. More directly before I compete I’ll be more likely to have a chat with other riders and just get my mind on the bike.

Sounds like a good routine. Tell us about your “bonza beats” playlist?
Bonza is a bit of Aussie slang for “awesome” or a way of introducing a good clean fair game. So I think that reflects in the mix of music I’ve chosen in this playlist. Hope you enjoy!

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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