Music Monday: Matías Alegría

Matias Alegría (26) is a Chilean national trials champion who finds inspiration for both his riding and music in the videos by legendary TGS riders Neil Tunnicliffe and Craig Lee Scott.

The previous Music Monday featured Nicolas Vallée, with a playlist consisting of 33h of French hip-hop. This time you’re in for a totally different genre…

Before you’re listening to the tunes of your next riding session, let’s ask Matias a few questions!

Let’s start with the most important: Do you listen to music while riding?
Yes! Both when I’m riding in a group or when I’m riding alone, listening to music is a “standard”.

Great! How does music help your riding or training?
It helps me to be focused and to enjoy riding trials, sometimes to be chilled, and sometimes to be aggressive. This is why the kind of music I have is from several different genres.

We understand! What’s you current favorite song?
Difficult question, I have many. Walk with me in Hell by Lamb of God could be one of my favorites, but it depends of the day ?

That’s a cool song! What’s your favorite genre?
I like metal and variations like metal core, groove metal, death metal, but also like very much of the music in trials videos, which is mostly electro.

Not too hard to tell when looking at the playlist! ? Who is your favorite band or artist?
In Chile my favorite is a band called Chancho en Piedra, they’re very popular here. And out of Chile I like Lamb of God.

Cool! Do you think music has shaped your riding style?
Yes, definitely! I started listening to songs from videos of UK riders like Craig Lee Scott, Neil Tunnicliffe, etc. So it’s impossible to not think about the moves of those videos while riding. Same history for the videos of competition. Music and videos have a huge value for us living far from the center of the trials world, so this kind of things make us feel a bit closer.

That’s a great answer, very inspirational! Before competitions, do you have a routine involving music?
Normally yes, sometimes I warm up with headphones and it helps me a lot to get in the “zone”. Sometimes it’s not easy to find the correct genre though ? I guess it depends on how stressed I am!

That’s easy to relate to! Tell us about your “Wenga weon” playlist?
I made the playlist based on trials videos I like, mainly metal from the UK videos, and also videos that inspires me to compete. If someone wants to see any video with a song from this playlist, DM me and I’ll send the video (hahaha). It’s a strange mix between metal and electro, but I’m sure that trials riders can handle this! Thanks for listening!

Go ahead and save the playlist to your library, and experience the same tunes Matias listens to while he’s riding!

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