Manon Basseville is living the dream

The French trials champion Manon Basseville (21) got third at the female UCI world ranking in 2019. She got a podium at all the big international races last year, and has done some changes to become even better in 2020.

Last year you got third place at worlds, and podiums at all the world cups. What was your best race last year?

– I think my best race was the European Championships last year. I really liked the sections in Il Ciocco (Italy). The sections were big, but also really technical. And I had a great feeling on the bike during the final.

How do you usually prepare yourself for an upcoming season?

– This year I’m working with Karol Serwin. He’s doing all my training plans, including gym work as well. This is a totally new way of training for me. I can’t wait to see how I feel during races. It’s a lot more structured compared to the recent years.

Manon and the rocks.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

– I’m really superstitious, but I have no pre race ritual. But if I do a certain thing before a good race and I have a good feeling on the bike, I would try to replicate it on the next race.

Where’s your favorite place to ride?

– There is a lot of really good places to ride in Montpellier. We have three trial parks, some natural places and rock quarries. It’s a cool place to live when you practice trials riding. 

– Moreover I’m lucky to live three hours from Catalunya. I like all the spots there. So when I can, I take may car and go there with some friends.

Planning the next line.

How was your time during the covid-19 lockdown?

– During the quarantine I went back to living at my parents’ home. There I had a gym and an indoor place to ride. It was not bad, and nothing changed a lot.

What occupies your time in the every day life apart from trials?

– Until January I was doing a sport license, so between my training sessions I was at school. Now I will start studying dietetics for the next two years.

– Apart from school, I’m giving some trial lessons with Noah Cardona in a trial school near Montpellier.

2020 goals – have you made some?

– My main goal for 2020 is to participate at the most of the competitions. It will be a really special season. I can’t wait to compete again, I miss that feeling!

The game of focus.

What are your future plans for trials riding?

– That’s a hard question! I really don’t know, I’m living the dream year after year. Actually I love riding my bike and travel all around the world, so I will continue with what I like.

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