Instafamous: 5 of Sergi Llongueras’ personal favorites

Sergi Llongueras is not only your current 26″ UCI World trials champion, but he’s also a wizard when it comes to making viral videos. With 44000 followers on Instagram, and a staggering 338000 on TikTok, he’s for sure a SoMe phenomenon. Out of his 700 Instagram posts, we asked him to pick five of his personal favorites, and tell us more about them.

First of all, let’s get some facts on the table:
Name: Sergi Llongueras
Age: 24
Occupation: Trials rider and mechanical engineering student
Lives: Òrrius, Catalunya, Spain
Sponsors: Comas, WD-40, ISB-sports, CSVexperts, Infisport, Eurofitness
Discipline: Comp trials

What’s the best thing about trials?
The infinite amount of combinations to try and the constant progression of your skills.

What’s the worst thing about trials?
If you don’t know how to train or move your body properly it’s easy to get injured.

Why should people follow you on Insta?
I’m not only trying to share the daily life of a pro trials rider, withtraining, competitions, lifestyle and motivation, but I’m always trying to find new viral, different and spectacular videos that people that maybe don’t know too much about trials can appreciate and enjoy.

1. The Òrrius rail
This is a video that I had in mind for a long time. The rail is next to my house, and I’ve always seen it and thought about how awesome it would be to ride it, wondering if it would even be possible.

Two years ago I decided to try it, but after a lot of tries I realized it was super hard and I quitted. This past summer, looking for cool videos to film, I decided to go for it again, and after more than 100 tries I made it! I know that passing through a rail is not super hard for a trials rider, but the shape and the height of the rail made it very difficult.

At first I only posted the good take and it had a very good feedback, but then I wanted to show people how hard it was, posting some of the fails and it went viral on Tiktok and Instagram! Most of the times people prefer fails, haha!

2. The viral water gap
This is my most viral video ever! I filmed this video one year ago, when Vasek Kolar invited Eloi Palau and me to a street trials jam in Barcelona.

I was pretty excited, since I almost never go street riding, and I love it! We ended up in that spot, and as soon as I saw the channel I thought about that famous viral video by Andrei Burton, where he also jumps over the water. So obviously I had to film it, and as it says in the caption, I tried to go viral as Andrei too, haha.

I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off at the first try, but I made it. The funny part is that apparently Eloi doesn’t know how to film in slow motion, and I had to do it three times! Haha!

3. Another viral water gap video
When all the Instagram pages started posting the video of the water jump, they saw this video on my profile, and they loved it! So the clip got shared on huge pages like ESPN, Pubity, 433, SportsCenter and others. Also a lot of TV companies contacted me to share it in their programs and news.

Unlike the other one, I never thought this one could go viral, so I filmed it just for fun. I also posted it on TikTok, and it has over 31 million views!

4. My father’s wheel loaders
These machines are from my father’s workplace. I filmed the same line back in 2017, and had a lot of good feedback on Facebook with more than 130K views.

The main idea was, after seeing that people liked trials over excavators, to film a good video for Youtube, cinematic and professional, with all the machinery my father has. But, I never had enough time to do it, so I finally decided to go and film a few separate Instagram clips.

I had to try it many times because I wanted to get the perfect shot, as much flow as possible, but it wasn’t easy because riding over slippery metal is pretty scary. This was the best one, and the feedback of this video was pretty big too, with more than three million views on TikTok, and a lot of shares from other pages on Instagram.

5. The pole gap
This is a video from a random street ride on Pol Tarrés and me. This line was very scary, but i wanted to do in anyway, “all for the gram”, haha. It took four or five tries to get the balance over the pole in the first jump, but as soon as I was in balance, I made the transfer to the wall at the first try.

The comeback wasn’t planned, but as soon as I was up there my trials rider mind told me there’s no other way to go down, haha. Luckily it went okay at the first one, and I didn’t have to do it again!

That’s Sergi Llongueras’ five personal favorites from his Instagram. Who do you want us to feature next time? Head over to our Facebook page or Twitter account and let us know.

Editor in chief. I'm a pro trials rider and six times Norwegian champion. I've been riding for almost 20 years! I founded Bashguardian because I love this sport and I like writing. Simple as that!

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