Charlie Rolls is redefining urban trials riding, again!


Charlie Rolls is the hottest kid in trials at the moment. From destroying competitions to creating engaging online content, he’s the one everyone is talking about. And now he has released yet another urban trials video, where he flows around in the streets of Reading, and again it’s nicely filmed and put together by mr. RETROBIKETRIAL himself, Adrian Jordan. Could you argue that he’s redefining urban trials riding, with his fresh perspective on the urban environment?

We asked both Charlie and Adrian some questions, but let’s start with the wonderboy himself, Charlie:

You definitely have your own style when it comes to riding, and people seem to love it. How would you describe it in your own words?

– For me I enjoy riding narrow, gnarly and technical stuff, and for these you have to be as smooth as possible! And I also work hard on being powerful, so I guess I’m precise, smooth and have some power!

That’s pretty much how we would define it ourselves ?

People not only love your riding, but your videos blow people’s minds. What do you have to say about that?

– I don’t understand why I blow minds, but I guess taking trials to the streets shows the size and level of moves in a relatable environment.

You’re humble, and we like it! ?

This video has seven minutes of banger lines and moves, but if you were to select your top three favorite clips in it, which ones do you pick?

– I have to pick the following three lines or moves:
1. Pedal up to front on rail at the start and ride along!
2. Gap to front with the pretty trees, because I look powerful.
3. And the gap down from the rail to hook on the red brick wall, definitely tests the strength of my bike.

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Such a nice trio of impressive stuff right there ?

Are there any lines or moves in the video that you had to work hard to achieve, or is it first or second try everything per usual?

– One line that stands out is the two really small posts at 2:15, which was very tricky and took a few goes to complete!

We actually picked out this line before you even mentioned it in this interview. So much precision! ?

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The precision Charlie demonstrates in his video is out of this world. This was one of the hardest lines in the video, he says.

With the reception your latest videos have gotten, how do you feel about the future? Are you turning into a full time video maker and Youtuber, or are you still chasing podiums and £100 dollar checks?

– To be honest, I’ve never made any money from YouTube and it’s definitely not my priority! I would much rather dedicate myself to competing in world level events than making YouTube videos for money! It would be nice to continue creating videos and my sponsors like it, but I’ve got to focus on getting competition ready!

Sorry folks, he’s not going to be a full time Youtube anytime soon! ?

You recently completed your “comeback” video series, which must mean you’re back on track. How are you feeling on the bike at the moment?

– I was back on track, but right now I keep getting stupid little injuries that keep stopping me from being on top form, but I can manage to ride for cardio purposes! I think with such along time away from competitions, it’s going to be a shock when I get back out there.

Heal up, Charlie! ?

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Not only is Charlie creative and precise, he can also go fairly big, like in this drop gap line.

A lot of uncertainty about this year’s world cup calendar and world championship. What’s next for you, how are you planning the season ahead?

– I really want to ride the world cups this year and hopefully there will be a world championship event too ?, I will soon compete in a C1 event in Spain, Vic, and that will be my first international event in about 18 months!

We can’t wait to watch you destroy those sections ?

Then, we switch over to the man behind the camera and the editing, mr. Adrian Jordan.

Adrian Jordan

Adrian, you’ve been working together with Charlie on several videos now, how is the relationship when you’re out in the streets and filming? I can imagine he’s hard to keep within the frame with his spontaneous and fast riding?

– You know what, filming with Charlie is easy and a good laugh. We are just out on a ride with a group of mates and he will constantly be doing camera worthy lines, so I just point the camera whenever I’m not riding.

– Remember when you used to play a BMX/skateboard console game, and just imagine up some crazy line in your head? I just say to Charlie: “Do you think you could from there, to there, manual down there and up there?”. First attempt – he’s done it.

Matt Pengelly

Another guy that has witnessed Charlie’s riding first hand, and which you can spot several times throughout the video, is the co-founder and owner of the Shin Dig podcast, Matt Pengelly. We asked him to comment of how it is to experience Charlie’s urban trials riding IRL. Here’s what he had to say:

– Seeing Charlie ride, it’s like his bike is just an attachment of his body! Moving up and through obstacles with technique you can’t even understand, like a mountain goat scaling the side of a cliff, only Charlie is much more stylish. So fast, he can be hard to keep in a camera frame!

– I ride with him quite often and it never gets old. But he’s still human. I’ve seen him fall off a few times!

Thanks for mentioning that last part Matt, gives all the other trials riders some confidence back. Other stuff you’d like mention?

– Yes, Charlie loves a good GODDARD.

Cool t-shirt, huh? But, sunglasses? When did that become legal to wear in trials?

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